5 Tips to Improve Your Auto Entertainment System

  1. Replace your cars speakers

Default cars speakers are outsmarted by the recent and modern aftermarket speakers. This is because most of them still use cheap amps that can’t deliver top notch sounds. Install recent speakers for better clarity, tighter bass and detailed sound quality that you haven’t been experiencing for years. Replacing your speakers is the first step when going for top high quality sounds. Remember to check user reviews and ratings while shopping for your cars speakers.

  1. Use capacitors

Big bass tend to consume a lot of power in most cars; this is because most vehicles were not designed with modern music players like a sub-woofer in mind. This creates a need to buffer your cars power source, the battery. Capacitors act as good buffers between the cars’ battery and the amps, it’s important to note that while connecting try to fix the inline cap of the power cable closely to the amps. Capacitors cure the problem of fluctuating high and low sounds as well as dimming the cars light by ensuring there is a consistent power supply.

Auto Entertainment System

  1. Install a sub-woofer

Go for quality sub woofers to get quality sounds in your car, a sub-woofer revives the car music by creating the appropriate balance between of your music. Modern sub-woofers are remote controlled and have equalizers that can actually set the playing sound to one’s preference. The greater the number of sub speakers the higher the sound quality. Install one or two sub-woofers and connect them with high voltage cables, this is to transmit more power to the system hence giving it a stronger output.

  1. Install an equalizer or a signal processor

Unlike a theater a car’s interior is a major drawback of sound quality. I say this is putting into consideration the different surfaces like glasses, plastics and seat covers that either absorb sound or distort sound by producing their own sounds. Mixed up with poor sound system, they produce a shrill type of music that causes ear fatigue, a reason why most people tend to do away with music in their cars. The default equalizers are no better as they have limited options with just bass, treble and mid-range controls. Get an outboard equalizer that has multiple adjustable frequencies and a parametric equalizer that facilitates a wide width of EQ band hence you are guaranteed you can zero in and detect the sound problem. Modern sound processors have the ability to increase bass response and eliminate frequency response peaks. Some have a microphone port that analyzes the cars acoustics’.

  1. Installdynamites

These are sound deadening materials that work by reducing vibration and other road noises. Attaching dynamite to door panels make deadens the vibration that spoils your sound quality and creates a stable platform for the speakers. Road noises mask lower frequencies and the rate of masking increase as the cars cruising speeds increase. Other than lowering your car’s interior and exterior noises, dynamite sees that your amps last longer as you don’t have to over work them by tuning to high volumes.

I bet you will want to roll out with your car once you have completed installing these great products that buffer your cars sound quality. If you had driving license is expired, worry not as you can go online and renew driving license before rolling out with your “new” superb car.