All about Shelley Rudman – A sports legend

The golden summer of last year is to be followed by the Winter Olympics in Britain, but the hopes are moving downhill quickly. The Sochi games to be held in February are likely to follow the same plan. London 2012 saw a captivated audience observing the success of the GB team; the entire nation is supposedly waiting to see a repeat of the same performance backed by hi-tech and high-speed facilities.

The Caucasus Mountain is all set to experience some breathtaking performance out of the forthcoming extravaganza that none other winter sports team matched in terms of funding or preparation. The Black Sea resort in Russia creates a dynamic backdrop that simply takes our breath away. Since the 1924 Winter Games, no other pursuits have succeeded in drawing you towards the snowballs.

All about Shelley Rudman – A sports legend

The firm belief of the British Olympic Association has urged the GB team of 50 curlers, skaters, sliders and skiers to look forward to some of the nation’s highest achievements. The 1924 winter games saw them win four medals; bronze for ice hockey and figure skating, silver for bobsleigh and gold for curling.

Shelley Rudman leads certain podium aspirations Rudman is certainly acquainted with the risks associated with her kind of sports; she remembers instances when she was flung off and crashed against the ice chute inner walls. The Salt Lake City once observed one of the most dramatic crashes that Rudman recalls painfully.

In 2006, Rudman bagged silver at Turin; in 2010, a fellow team member Williams turned out to be the golden girl four years later. There’s still some amount of love left between the two. Rudman wasn’t quite satisfied with her performance when Williams won the first individual gold to become the first British athlete to do so in 30 years.

Rudman was sad but feebly congratulated her friend; however she didn’t feel like attending the celebratory meal for Williams. Following her retirement, Rudman has shown considerable interest and participation in rally driving. Last month, she has competed in the Wales Rally. Her Sochi hopes are soaring due to her last season’s World Cup title clubbed with her triumph at the World Championship.

She’s deemed to face stiff competition from her rivals based in Europe, Canada and America. The former world junior champion, Brit Arnold has bagged a couple of events at the World Cup to offer some tough competition to Rudman.

It’s like bombing down the slopes perilously; women seem to be edging past men in their pursuit, although the game demands more of skill, fitness and beyond all, bottle! Shelley Rudman like hurdler Williams feels there’s a psychological reason behind it. She feels as if there’s an inner voice urging them to prove that they can master the art and get past men in some kinds of physical activities.

Success has shown her through a number of ups and downs, and today she has every reason to believe that women can attain all heights when it comes to sports. Shelley Rudman still finds a point in adding that the Winter Games demands real motivation, and there could be no better source of motivation than the world championship.

She has developed her own theory regarding why women score much well in ice sports. Girls according to her don’t tend to remain girly; all that they want is a fair share of all excitement and action that men experience.

Instead of wearing fancy dresses at night outs, she seems to get more inclined towards pulling on her jumper and move on the ice.February 7-23 will see the next big number of sports production. Snow business is perhaps the best one for the women in Britain. Besides enjoying the champagne, the ice will perhaps be the right source of warmth for the show-stoppers of team GB in Sochi.