Awesome Pictures Of Cars Tied To A Wedge Or Hauler With The Help Of E-Track Wheel Straps

During transportation of vehicles, gigantic wedges and haulers are used. They are a coarse way to ship different autos and machines to their destination. They can prove to be very dangerous if the cars are not strapped and tied properly. Cars may not stay in their places when the wedges and the haulers are moved. For safety measures, e-track wheel straps were introduced. They are tied to the tires of the automobiles to hold them firmly in their position and prevent them to move. Some of the pictures are given below for better understanding of e-track wheel straps.

Wedges and Haulers:

The above picture shows a wedge connected to motor truck. Cars are pl aced on this wedge for their transportation from one place to another.

Wedges and Haulers

This is how a car is placed on a wedge and if the hand-brake of the car is not pulled properly, the car might slip off from the wedge causing accidents. Wedges are a common way to channelize and in the shipment of cars, but due to their inclination they can be very dangerous. Some people use ropes in order to grasp them in their positions, but they are not very reliable.

Wedges and Haulers 2

The image given above is picture of car hauler. If the cars are not chained or strapped properly, they can fall off from the hauler and can damage all the cars and cause fortuities. Sometimes, people put bricks in order to keep the cars in their place but, this method is not dependable and reliable. That is why E-Track wheel straps were introduced and proved to be extremely secure.

Wedges and Haulers 3

E-Track Wheel Strap:

E-Track Wheel Strap 2 E-Track Wheel Strap 3 E-Track Wheel Strap

The first image only shows wheel strap. The second and third picture shows wheel strap on E-track. The wheel straps are hooked to the E-tracks, as shown in the figure and helps to anchor the vehicles at their places. At first, the straps were introduced, they were strong and unbreakable, but they did not prove to be secured enough as they could easily move away from their place. After that E-tracks were also introduced with wheel straps. The E-tracks are bolted to the wedge or hauler, so they can be fixed in one place, tires of the cars are placed exactly on top of them and straps are tied and buckled up to provide proper safety.

E-Track Wheel Strap 4

Cars Tied to Haulers & Wedges by using E-Track Wheel Straps:

The safest method to tie your cars to a hauler and wedge is, by using E-track wheel straps. In this way your car in its position as their tires are held in one place with the help of wheel straps.

Cars Tied to Haulers & Wedges by using E-Track Wheel Straps 2 Cars Tied to Haulers & Wedges by using E-Track Wheel Straps 3 Cars Tied to Haulers & Wedges by using E-Track Wheel Straps 4 Cars Tied to Haulers & Wedges by using E-Track Wheel Straps

The above pictures show cars tied to wedge with the help of E-track wheel straps.

pictures show cars tied

In this picture, you can see that even in car haulers for the safety of cars they are tied by using E-Track wheel straps. So, they are very important in the transportation of automobiles from one place to another without facing troubles and accidents. They keep all the vehicles in place and act as anchors for them. Both of these methods turned out to be extremely successful and people living all over the world have started channeling automobiles by using this way, as it is safe and it is completely damage free and secure. In the pictures, cars on wedges and haulers might seem to be dangerously loaded, but with the help of E-Track wheel straps, they are actually in a safe place. E-track wheel straps may not be very visible, but they have proven to be very beneficial for the transporters of automobiles.