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Go to Leeds for some of the best car dealers around

Great effort goes into locating the best place to find a used car and that’s why many people put a lot of thought into the whole process. You want a guarantee of quality workmanship and also value for money, which isn’t always easy to find. People need to be sure that their high standards are going to be met and that’s why a lot of thought goes into the area you are going to look into. If you want... »

How Cost Cutting Helps When Hiring a Car

How Cost Cutting Helps When Hiring a Car

Need a car on rental? Well yes, that is a smart concept and definitely the way to go. However, the question is having you really thought of how much this rental could cost? Well the concept is to get cost effective car hire insurance policy without burning a big enough hole in your wallet. Most are puzzled definitely but if you’re aware of the insurance traps, then it gets easy really. The best th... »


Angus is the perfect place for any Ford car

When it comes to buying a car, there’s a lot that people worry about. A lot of times, it can be about the car itself, but if people already have an idea as to the make of car that they want, then the question turns to where exactly is the best place to buy it from. One of the most popular automakers in the world is Ford and, therefore, their cars are often much desired around the world. Wher... »


Stretch That – the Longest and the Strangest Limos

The longest limo in the world – (that I can find) – is more than 100 feet long needing no less than 26 tires and has a heated Jacuzzi, beds, swimming pool, helipad and room for plenty of passengers. A couple of problems immediately spring to mind however 1 – how on earth you find a parking space and problem 2 – it’s no good for tight turns. You’d have to choose your route very carefull... »