Stretch That – the Longest and the Strangest Limos

The longest limo in the world – (that I can find) – is more than 100 feet long needing no less than 26 tires and has a heated Jacuzzi, beds, swimming pool, helipad and room for plenty of passengers. A couple of problems immediately spring to mind however

1 – how on earth you find a parking space and problem

2 – it’s no good for tight turns. You’d have to choose your route very carefully indeed to avoid getting stuck somewhere.

Dual-nosed Limousine Escalade – it’s a bit like the push me, pull you from the original Dr Doolittle Movie . . . don’t tell me you don’t remember that! Anyhow, it’s not very big but it’s certainly disconcerting when you see it driving along the road. The motor has got two front ends and no trunk.


KAZ Electric Limousine – who said that all Limousines are gas guzzling monsters? The Japanese certainly don’t agree, okay, so this prototype may have taken 5 long years and around $4 million to develop and build but who’s counting? This rather impressive piece of kit has 6 electric engines, 6 wheels and can reach speeds of 62 mph in only 7 seconds with a top speed of an impressive 193 kmh. Having said that, don’t expect to see a fleet of them doing the school run anytime soon.

Corvette Limousines – some people will just stretch anything won’t they? Corvette Limousines are pretty impressive but then again, regular Corvettes are pretty impressive too. The longest of these limos measures around 23 feet.

Pink Hummer Limousine – yes, you read it right. It’s pink (and I mean PINK), it’s a Hummer and it’s a stretch limousine – what a head turner, you simply couldn’t fail to notice this if it was parked across the street or pulled alongside you at the lights. This superb example could be described along the lines of a couple of acres of bad taste – but it is certainly different. It has TV’s, laser lights, Disco floor, sound system, optic lights, star lights and more . . . no wonder it’s so popular for Hen nights or when a bunch of ladies are in the mood to have a night about town.

Skoda Limousine – yes, some of these really do go from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. If the Pink Hummer Limousine is for the champagne set this is more suitable for those with a budget and a beer belly . . . it’s a lot of fun though.
VW Beetle Limousine – just like Herbie but longer . . . a definite hippy wagon if ever there was one.

Monster Limousine – whereas the majority of the stretch limos look like they’ve been stretched out with a rolling pin, a monster truck limousine has a completely different vibe. They are still high as ever, still a monster . . . just a whole lot longer. The major problem I can think of is trying to climb in and out of the center doors . . . you need to throw down a rope ladder of some description.

General Lee – can you believe it, some bright spark has even stretched the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard – wonder how much moonshine they can fit into the trunk of that baby and will they still have to climb in through the windows?
There really is no limit to the imagination and effort which some people will put into these projects – just one thing springs to mind in many cases.