Top 8 Tips To Find A Perfect Boat Shipper To Import A Boat From Overseas

Are you passionate about boating and planning to import an excellent pleasure boat from overseas? Are you also planning to import your boat trailer? Do you know whom to approach for your needs? Here are some tips.

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First off, you should start finding a professional service like Marine and Auto Depot that offers a range of services including shipping, quarantine services and more. What should you look for in such a service?

Boat From Overseas

1. Happy to Help and Advise

Look for a company where the staff would be happy to answer all your queries and help you in a true way. The company should have a good experience in shipping marine vessels from foreign countries and should have longstanding connections with carriers across the world. Their price should be flexible and competitive. And of course, your valuable vessel should be transported smoothly, safely and on time.

2. Type of Vessel and Accessories

You should also make sure whether they ship all types of boats or a few particular types of boats. Marine vessels may be of various types like boats, yachts, canoes, kayaks and more. Also you should inquire if you need any accessories to be shipped along with your vessel.

You may need to import things like:

  • Classic yacht/Racing yacht
  • Speed boat/Fishing boat
  • Boat trailer (needs VIA)
  • Super yacht mast

3. End-to-end Shipping Service

The company you have approached should provide an end-to-end service, i.e. from pick-up to its final destination. They should ensure your marine vessel arrives on time and efficiently. They should ideally offer the following services:

  • Planning in advance to make sure your marine vessel, boat or yacht is picked up and dropped off at the departure wharf. This may even include help in arranging cranes and loading at the marina.
  • They should book shipping of your marine vessel well ahead of time from the departure wharf to make sure that the transit begins smoothly and without delay.
  • Their people should be experienced and expert in the unloading process at the arrival wharf at Australia.
  • They should provide road transport via your marine vessel’s trailer.
  • They should also arrange cranes and unloading at the destination marina if required.

4. Custom Clearance

Upon arrival in Australia, your marine vessel will require to be cleared by Customs/DAFF(AQIS). Your shipping company should offer customs clearance as a part of your shipping so that things would become as easy for you as possible.

They can also extend a helping hand towards collecting the required documents including:

  • Bill of sale
  • Photo identification (Photo driver’s license or passport)
  • Proof of value
  • Bill of lading as well as fumigation certificate (if applicable)

5. Processing of Permits

Custom clearance brokers of a reputable company are well-versed with the complex regulations of marine vessel shipping. Thus if any permit is required for transportation on Australian roads, they should be able to assist you in obtaining them.

6. What should You Provide?

While seeking a marine vessel shipping quotation from the company, you will have to provide them some information like:

  • Model and manufacturer of your marine vessel
  • Its weight and dimensions
  • Places where you want to ship from and to

7. Ports They can Ship the Vessel to

Inquire in advance, which ports they provide their service. Normally shipping companies ship to all ports in Australia. However, you better make sure. They should also work with you to make a primary planning to make sure your vessel is transported safely and without a delay.

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8. If You Want to Pack Personal Effects

Just in case you are doing boat packing and you want to place your personal effects inside, ask them if it is allowed. Normally if the boat is to be shipped in a container, shipping companies allow placing personal effects inside the boat. However, it is not advisable as it can add to complexity of shipping and also expense.

Follow these tips to find just the right shipping company to get your dream pleasure boat in a safe and sound state to you.